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Welcome toxophilite to the Combat Australia website. If you think we may be insulting you, rest assured we’re not. It’s not an insult or a nasty disease, a toxophilite is merely a lover of archery. So if you have a penchant for a bows, arrows, longbows or recurves that makes you a toxophilite. Before you purchase one of our bow packages, you may be interested in reading some compound bows essentials, so we're here to help!

The history of archery




Did you know: Archery is one of the most ancient practices which involves both skill and precision.

How ancient? We’re talking Stone Age ancient. In 2010 an archeological dig in the Sibudu Caves in South Africa returned human made arrowheads that possessed qualities of being projectiles and not hand held spears.

Historically, archery was used for survival in both hunting and warfare. Bows in their various rudimentary forms are believed to have replaced spear throwers in all continents except for Australia. This change was due to the accuracy and increased projectility of arrows from a bow. Egyptian hieroglyphics and artifacts depict bows and arrows that were believed to be used for hunting and combat in the predynastic period of Egypt (approximately 3100 BC). Other artifacts found in Egyptian archeological dugs are believed to have been head sharpeners or arrowheads. Archery was also prominent in the Shang Dynasty (1766-1027 BC) was an integral part of combat. Archers commonly rode in chariots alongside lance soldiers. During the Zhou Dynasty (1027-256 BC) archery became a formal sporting competition that was enjoyed by nobility and hallmarked official situations. In Europe it is believed that archery was first used in Stellmoor and the Ahrensburg Valley in Germany in approximately 10-9000 BCE.


Archery based iconography is deeply embedded in many different cultural mythologies including Greek, Roman, Indian, African, Armenian, European, East Asian and West African. Heroes and Gods like Apollo, Cupid, William Tell, Robin Hood and Zhou Tong. The association of archery is derived from the skill, power and strength required to use a bow.

The Types of Bows Used in Archery

Bow design and construction is actually very diverse, but all share the common characteristics of a string attached to flexible limbs. Bows are generally divided in to two distinct types: those that are operated by pulling the string and those that are operated by a mechanism.

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These bows are distinctive in look because of the cams or pulley system used at each end of the bow. This technology allows for a “let off” capacity. This is the point during the pull back motion when the archer can hold less weight. Favoured by many archers this type of bow, allows for increased aim time, greater control that invariably leads to a greater degree of accuracy in hunting and target based archery.

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Traditionally sharpened stones, wood, bamboo, rock, reeds and bird feathers were used to construct bows and arrows. Overtime, archery equipment evolved with other types of technology and fibreglass and aluminium alloy were used for the bow and arrows. Currently, carbon fibres and carbon composites are the most popular material due to the lightweight material that is conducive to longer projectiles.

Popular Culture

Despite the decline of archery for hunting and warfare the athletic, poetic and mythological characteristics of archery has been used in many popular films. These include: The Hunger Games, Avatar, Lord of the Rings, Robin Hood, Arrow, Brave, Epic, Zorro and the Avengers.

How to choose the right compound bow online for you?

Here's something to consider when choosing the best compound bow for sale. Australia has many suppliers of bows. Atunga is a high quality, reasonably priced brand. However, there are many low quality reasonably priced brands around as well.   An important things for you to do is calculate your arm span to determine your draw length, this will also help calculate the compound bow range. To calculate this you standing with your arms stretched out to the side (like a crucifix), measuring from fingertip to fingertip and dividing by 2.5

The next thing is poundage. That’s the amount of weight that you are able pull back. The amount varies depending on arm size, strength and experience. Most men can pull in the range of 30 to 70 pounds. The same goes for children. An approximate guide is kids 5-8 (10 pounds), 7- 10 (15 pounds), 9-12 (20 pounds), 11-14 (30 pounds).

If you are unsure amount the appropriate poundage come into the warehouse in Penrith, NSW and test some of our models. If you’re a beginner a recurve bows or longbows are less complicated to learn and easier to use, however, in lots of cases choosing between compound bow vs recurve bow just comes down to personal preference.

At Combat Australia, we have a great range of compound bows for sale. NSW is a great place for compound bow hunting. We have a huge range including, compound bows for beginners and experienced archers, and compound bows for hunting and sport. We also have a number of packages with all your archery and hunting needs.

Here is a quick video which shows you some helpful hints on tuning and maintenance for your bow.

For more compound bow info see our full YouTube Channel.

Bow Hunting - The Natural Way Of Hunting

The practice of hunting game animals with a bow is ancient, yet to this day bow hunting is just as common as it was centuries ago. You may be new to the sport of bow hunting - keen and curious, or you may be an old hand, just looking for more high quality gear. It is natural to be overwhelmed by the array of hunting bows, so to eliminate any confusion, you will find five key items to consider below.

  1. Compound Bow: It’s pretty obvious, but the first place to start is with the bow. A compound bow is a vertical bow that will use a cam or elliptical system on the ends of the bow to help bend the limbs. The levering mechanism on a compound bow helps reduce the amount of force required to hold the string at full draw. As a result, it gives a hunter more time to focus on the shot.
  2. Arrows: You will need some arrows, or projectiles, to use with your bow. Arrows can be made of different materials, typically aluminum, carbon or a combination of the two. The arrows are also available in varying lengths and stiffness. To pick which arrow is best for you, you'll want to look at the draw weight and draw length for your particular bow.
  3. Camouflage: It is critical to success that as a bow hunter you are staying out of sight from the game. Remember, if a deer catches even a glimpse of you, it is unlikely that you will have any success. So pick a good camo jacket, camouflage pants or bibs and apply some face paint. These will all help you stay hidden from the deer and the camo jacket/pants will give you the added benefit of being comfortable while sitting outside in the elements all day.
  4. Scent Killer: In addition to the camouflage gear discussed under #4 above, you will also want to invest a few dollars in a scent-killer spray. This one item will probably give you the greatest return on your investment. You can spend hundreds of dollars on the best bow hunting equipment, but if you can't get within close proximity of your target you'll have no success as a hunter.

There are definitely a lot of additional items that you can invest in for your next hunting trip, but these five essentials complemented by a great location and well-planned hunting strategy will ultimately set you up for success.

Anyone who is new to the sport of archery can testify how thrilling it is to select and buy the first set of bow hunting supplies. However, when you have little knowledge about hunting bows, buying your own set of hunting supplies can undoubtedly be a big mistake. There is so much to learn and discover about this sport, that it’s likely that you would find it difficult to choose the right equipment from the myriads of brands and models out there.

How can I be sure that I am making the right choice?

Regardless of the style, the size of your bow will depend on a number of factors such as your age, height and draw length. It is also important to have an understanding of how the bow functions, and the science behind it is simple - when you pull back the string, the bow’s limbs will move inwards and this is where the energy is stored until you release the string where it is then transferred to the arrow. A basic transfer of potential energy.

Often, hunting bows are judged by the speed at which the arrows can be shot. Arrows have their velocity calculated in feet per second and professional hunting bows will typically propel an arrow at approximately three hundred feet per second (ninety meters per second) or sometimes even faster. This is a standard principle that most hunters will utilize when choosing hunting bows.

You will also need to take into consideration the amount of noise that is produced by the bow, as a successful hunter must be able to get close to the animal for a clean shot without the possibility that the animal will hear a bow when pulling back the string or releasing the arrow.

It is important for you to calculate your arm span to determine your draw length and this will also help calculate the compound bow range. To calculate this you are required to stand with your arms stretched out to the side (like a crucifix) and measure from fingertip to fingertip then divide by 2.5.

Poundage is the amount of weight that you are able pull back and it is important to factor this in when purchasing a hunting bow. The amount will vary depending on arm size, strength and experience. Most men can pull an extent of approximately 30 to 70 pounds. An approximate guide for children is as follows.

5-8 years (10 pounds)
7- 10 years (15 pounds)
9-12 (20 pounds)
11-14 (30 pounds)

If you are unsure amount the appropriate poundage, you are welcome to visit our warehouse in Penrith, NSW and test some of our models.

Why choose Combat Australia?

Modern day hunting bows are without a doubt amazing tools, and here at Combat Australia we are dedicated to providing you with high quality hunting supplies in addition to the relevant information.

Whether you are a new hand, or an old hand - we can guarantee that you will not be disappointed by our exceptional range of products.

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