Axis Compound Bow 30-70lbs Folium Camo Deluxe Kit

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Bows & Arrows | Archery Supplies | Axis Compound Bow | Folium Camo |30-70lbs

This model comes in Right handed only (pull string with right hand)

Engineered and designed in the Netherlands. Imported for your leisure.  



  • 30lbs-70lbs adjustable
  • 310+ feet per second speed
  • Adjustable draw length 23-32"
  • 32" axle to axle
  • 75% let off, machined cams
  • Ultra light weight edition 
  • Brace Height 8"
  • Mass Weight 3.9lbs
  • Right handed bow (pull string with right hand)


Deluxe Includes:

  • Deluxe Metal Black 5 Pin Optical Aiming Device with Spirit Level and LED Light
  • Deluxe Full Brush Arrow Rest
  • Deluxe Stabilizer
  • Wrist Strap
  • Peep Site (uninstalled)
  • D-Loop String (uninstalled)
  • 3x Carbon Arrows 30"
  • 2x String silencers (on bow)
  • 2x Limb vibration dampeners (on bow)
  • Built in string stop
  • Individual serialised product

Every wanted to try hunting, target shooting or both? Look no further than the deluxe Axis compound bow. With everything you will need to get started this pro compound bow will get you there. 

An extremly forgiving, unbelievably smooth pro hunting and target bow. 

Get all your bows, arrows and archery equipment with us at Combat Australia!

12 Month full warranty included. Each product is individually serialized. Dry firing (even by accident) isn't covered by warranty.


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    Axis Compound Bow and Carbon Fibre Arrows

    Posted by Clayton Wilkie on 24th Dec 2021

    I just finished lay buying my Axis Compound Bow and Arrow from Combat Australia, the young sale man Kieran was an amazing person, gave an old man a discount on my Compound Bow and Arrows , and after 2 months I got my Bow and Arrows . It is everything they say it is in there description of the Bow and Arrows the only thing they didn't say and they should say is it is a perfect Compound Bow for the cost of it . Kieran set the Bow up to exactly how I wanted it to be set up at 67lb's and they put things together to help me out with , but there was some things I had to put on due to mailing through the post. They had very fast delivery service and I would highly recommend Combat Australia to anyone wanting to buy a Compound Bow and Arrows, 5star rating