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A little history doesn't do any harm. Learning starts from the basics:

Bows are one of the oldest armor types, with first documented dialogues of it dating back over 10 thousand years, to rock carvings and ancient Egyptian bas-reliefs with archers depicted on stone. Creation of a bow at that time involved complicated technological process, which became reality owing to ancient gunsmiths. Traditional arrows are still used by hunters in the Far North and the nomads in Mongolia.

Judging by the rock paintings bows existed in the world, probably 20 - 30 thousand years. Perhaps bows originated even earlier, and it was indeed a genial discovery that may have happened in the Sahara, in Europe, in China and in other regions where ancient men inhabited.

Interestingly, ancient people did not differentiate war and hunting - they were very similar concepts. Even the Mongols of Genghis Khan went out hunting in the same battle formations, as they would in war. Bow was originally designed as a weapon of war and for hunting. This is the first more or less perfect throwing weapon that allows you to hit the enemy from afar, or kill an animal on the hunt.

Bows are largely divided into two groups traditional bows and modern compound bows, the traditional bow - is, roughly speaking, a stick, which stretched string, the easiest bow (which in some varieties is represented in our junior bow and arrow collection). A compound bow is indisputably a challenging achievement of modern technology. And the main difference is the compounds themselves. The modern bow is not only string, but also metal cords that allow you to remove stress. Force is measured in lbs. (or kg) and may be mastered with two or three fingers, by pulling the string and lifting a considerable weight without stress to muscles.

It is this system of blocks and cords that makes the "compound" bow perfect for youth and kids (with a regulated amount of weight of course, which increases for adult compound bows), for its main difference from the classical counterparts is that after the shooter pulled the string, the bow helps him to calmly aim and make a shot.

This property makes a compound bow a very accurate weapon when compared to traditional classical bows. Retaining the basic shape and purpose, compound bows differ by the materials from which they are made. The main materials used for production of the handle of an average of the compound bow, are light metal alloys; aluminum, magnesium, etc. The main shoulder material is carbon. So since the compound is very technological and modern, it bears little resemblance to the traditional bows of antiquity.

Another variety of bow arsenal is the recurve bow that have sought and attained their reputation for many years. This is because they are highly energy-efficient and flexible as compared to their standard brothers. The tension is equally exerted throughout the bow length so much that pulling the string does not require much effort.

In ancient times, males learned to shoot bows from very early age, as they were potential warriors. The juvenile interest in bow shooting has not decreased and is even more sophisticated than ever. And therefore we have created a variety of youth and kid friendly compound bow arsenal.

What we offer specially for youth and kids? Or rather- why we are offering what we are offering to youth and kids

  • Bow & arrow and compounds for kids and youth as well as youth combat bows

Our junior compound bow arsenal offered to juveniles, especially young crusaders, vary from the simplest traditional variation to more complex compounds.

In particular: Kids Red Crusader Bow, Compound Warrant Officer, Kids Longbow Yellow, Kids Camo Recurve Bow, Kids Major Compound Bow, Young Atunga Little Hunter Kids Bow Black or Camo.

Our youth combat bows (including left handed youth compound bow) are especially designed to precision and enjoyment of young combatants, who know Combat Australia products from childhood.

Why Combat Australia for kids and youth?

The reasons are so many and at the same time so simple: we care for the young generation and we agree that health and outdoor recreation is the best alternative to indoor gaming and computing. Kids belong outdoors, in nature.

That’s why we have combined the best team of enthusiasts (former kids, at that) who enjoy what they do and as enthusiasts in the sport; they understand the business better than most.
We use only high quality products and state-of-the art technology and for the many years that we have been in business, we have gained our reputation as a leading supplier of combat equipment.

We do our own testing of quality and durability before selling any product, as today’s kids and youth are our tomorrow’s adult’s who will not hesitate to come back to us as they grown and become more involved in the sport. Once they learn to enjoy true outdoor shooting and combating experience we know that by providing great gear and investing time into them we are growing future sportsmen and Olympic champions, who will take pride in saying that they have learned their first shot with a Combat Australia youth set.

Our junior buyers will especially love the youth recurve bow set, which is especially designed for the young generation combatants. From beginner to intermediate level, they will enjoy learning the profession with ease and less effort, before they move on to more complicated hunting/archery models that are amply present in our arsenal. Being a young archer means gaining strength through constant exercise, and what is more efficient for a junior than to have co-combatants who equally enjoy the game? Getting involved in your local clubs, gives kids the opportunities’ to learn the basics of competition and the enjoyment of winning and precision achievements. Our products are safe and durable, and trauma-free, if the right combination and complexity is selected at the very onset of the learning process. Our sales personnel will be happy to guide you through the arsenal for your kid and junior combatant, to make sure you are fully informed in your choice of the right product. This is because our passion is not about selling more, but loyalty and love of our customers in as much as we love our work.

If you are looking for comprehensive advice on buying bows and arrows for kids, please contact us today!