About Us

Archery and Hunting gear at wholesale prices

In 2007 Combat Australia founder, Patrick Jacob attempted to kill a 200kg boar with a just an ordinary compound bow. It ended badly. Luckily he lived to tell the tale and in 2008 Combat Australia began.

Headquartered in Sydney’s West, Combat Australia is now Australia’s leading archery and hunting supplier. From broadheads to bows, bags and ghillies or our killer (pardon the pun) atunga compound bows and atunga longbows, (we’ve been stocking these bad boys since 2008), Combat Australia merch comes from one of the world’s leading archery suppliers, but at Combat Australia you’re not paying for the brand. At Combat Australia you’re getting a Ferrari for the price of a Ford.

And what’s more, we deliver anywhere. Live in Woy Woy or Western Australia. No problem. We’ll get it to you absolutely free of charge.

Oh and did we mention wholesale prices for compound bows, longbows and recurve bows?


We’re the first to admit the Combat Australia team might not be the sharpest tools in the shed. They know bugger all about Quantum physics or Shakespeare, but when it comes to Archery they know their stuff.

atunga-gel-sticker.pngOur products are sourced globally, inspected personally, fired passionately and we stand by them 100%. Our products are made from the finest quality fibreglass, magnesium alloy and carbon fibre. It’s the goods. So good in fact that Louis Vuitton's not the only one getting his stuff copied. Check your product for the authentic atunga logo or call us to see if you are buying from an approved stockist.