What is Archery target foam?

Over the course of human history, hunting has been a common way of obtaining food. So practicing and aiming at targets wasn’t necessary because most young (men) particularly were training as archers by hunting for food. It basically meant that if you weren’t any good, you didn’t eat! Simple really.

However, in more modern times hunting is more of a sport than a way of life and for the archer who only takes up archery as a hobby, then finding something to practice on and aim at is critical to becoming a good archer. This explains the need for archery targets. And one of the best types to practice on is a foam archery target.

Getting the perfect shot is something that comes with practice. When it comes to sport, the old saying “practice makes perfect” hold quite a lot of truth. Taking the time to practice shooting and aiming will mature you as an archer and over time will see you become a skilled archer or hunter. Developing those same shots will get easier with time. A key to improving your skills is to practice trying to hit smaller targets. If you practice hitting the smaller archery targets, then hitting larger targets will not be as difficult. This is a very helpful skill if you intend on becoming a competent hunter.

Always making sure that arrows are shot from varying distances increases ability, a keen eye and varied strength. It would not be wise to only shoot arrows from the same distances as usually hunting has moving targets.

Quite naturally, your confidence will also continue to grow if you practice and constantly get better at hitting your intended archery targets.

Even during competition, there are different types of archery targets; often they are in 3D, foam, paper and the block forms. The ones that people are the most familiar with are the regular circles that have the center bull's eye. Alternatively, an archer will have to use makeshift targets that resemble different types of animals.

Figuring out which archery targets to use is basically a personal decision. An archer determines the best fit based upon the type of archery equipment that is used as well. This can only be ascertained once a person has learned how to shoot and knows exactly what helps to make their shooting better.

Practicing is important is progressing in the sport. However, the only way to practice is to have a legitimate archery target to use. Using foam targets to practice on and improve archery skills is a good option for the person who does not wish to hunt, but still wants to improve their skill level. These targets for archery can be purchased from our online store, or in store at combat Australia.

There are various types of foam targets for archery, once you’ve determined which type of target would best suit your skill level and the equipment you have its time to get practicing.

3D Archery Targets

3d Archery Targets are a popular tool for seasoned archers in Australia to practice with. After so many months of shooting at the customary bulls-eye Olympic target, many people grow tired and want some variety. Luckily, the industry has stepped up to address these needs with 3D archery targets. These targets can take the form of animals (e.g. boars, deers, ducks & turkeys) or bag or blocks; however, they all add a little creativity to any archery shoot.

To make sure your getting quality for your money, we have put together a list of tips you should follow when deciding on what to buy:

  1. Determine the main use of this equipment.
    This is important because it will dictate which features you should value more when looking at any product. For example, if the target is something that does not have to be moved, you can choose to get heavier targets that will allow for less break down from repetitive use. However, if you will have to transport the 3d archery targets with you, you should choose one that is lighter in weight and is designed for easier carrying. Bottom line: by figuring out what you will use it for the majority of time, will help you narrow down your list to appropriate targets.
  2. Match the target to the arrow points or tips.
    Each type of target is suited to certain kinds of arrows. If you are planning on shooting stronger arrows like broadheads, you will need to get targets that are specially made for this. Generally, these will be heavier targets that offer more resistance to the ripping power of a broadhead tip. It is important to do this because using arrows that are too strong for the target will cause you to have to spend more time repairing your target and more expense in getting extra material or target covers depending on the type of target.
  3. Avoid the new products- rely on tried and tested.
    Every year there will be another crop of fancy and unique products that will offer a brand new material that is the new "it" item for 3D archery targets. Although this may well be the case, we find that it is better for beginners to choose products that have a proven track record of quality performance. These products have been tried and tested by our experts at combat Australia and have a proven track record of longevity and success. By sticking with well-known brands and verified products, this will help ensure that you get a good product and allow their time for the new product to be reviewed. If after 6 months, you still feel you would like the new product, you can always get it at that time. The main aim here is to allow others to be the guinea pigs so you aren't throwing your money at a bad product.

Look for a target that can hold up whether you are shooting field points, broadheads or expendables. A good self-healing target should be able to stop the fastest incoming carbon, wood or aluminum arrows. Also, you want a target that can withstand all weather conditions and it should be sturdy and durable enough to last a long time.

By keeping tips like these in mind, you should be able to find some high quality 3D archery targets. Combat Australia supplies foam and 3D archery targets, and other archery supplies for both beginners and experts alike! Contact us today for comprehensive advice and service.