Young Atunga Little Hunter Kids Bow Camo

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Kids Bow | Bows and Arrows | Archery | Little Hunter
This Bow is Best suited for kids aged: 7-10 
1x Little hunter compound bow
1x 2 Pin Aiming device
1x Horn arrow rest 
2x 26" fibreglass arrows
1x Side mount quiver
1x Bow string (bow already strung) 
1x Solid hand Grip 
1x Alan key (for adjustments)
1x Finger Guard 
1x Wrist Guard 
1x finger roll set
Colour: Camo or Black
Hand: Right Handed (pull the string with your right hand)  
Draw weight: 15lbs
Draw Length: 23" draw length 
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  • 5
    Great bow for the kids.

    Posted by simon on 4th Oct 2014

    This is an ideal easy to use bow for the kids. We had archers aged 9 to 12 comfortably using this bow after minimal supervision. The bow is easy to pull back and hold and the two pin sights are easy to explain and adjust. One 12 year old girl shot 2 consecutive 2 inch diameter bullseyes from 8 metres on her second round of 10 arrows. I would highly recommend this bow for pre teens for its price, good looks and ease of use.