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Do recurve Bows Need An Arrow Rest?

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Do recurve Bows Need An Arrow Rest?

Do Recurve Bows Need An Arrow Rest? A Short Guide for The Beginner

Arrow rest are one of those accessories that can be a bit of a nightmare for some archers, whilst others just go out and have fun shooting off the shelf. The truth is that some recurve bows come with an arrow rest inbuilt, and others need one installed. If you want ultimate choice, get a recurve bow where an arrow rest can be installed. This will give you the greatest choice in the long run when it comes to your archery. That said, one of the most common questions we get from first time archers is: do recurve bows need an arrow rest?

Recurve bows are a good combination of power and affordability, and many of our recurve bows come with an arrow rest. The may solve the problem for archers out to have a bit of fun without worrying too much about accuracy or consistency, but the truth is that we always recommend at least a basic arrow rest.

A Short Guide to Choosing an Arrow Rest

If you have a recurve bow that requires the installation of an arrow rest, the first question you need to ask yourself is: what kind of archery am I going to be doing? If your goal is target archery, then you will likely need a prong styled arrow rest that provides excellent consistency and easy fine tuning for centre shot accuracy. If you intend to hunt with your bow and arrows, you will likely need an arrow rest that is more durable, can handle rough conditions, and will allow accuracy at a variety of angles on rougher terrain.

Even though these two types are very popular, there are arrow rests that suit finger releasers, and those that even fall away after the shot. What is important is that the rest works for the style of shooting and gets out of the way of the shot when you need it to. Do you want one that promotes consistency and is easily tuned but not quite so durable? Do you want one that is quieter for hunting? Do you want one that gets out of the way of the vanes after release? Or do you want an affordable soft rest that simply allows the arrow to glide across it after release? These are all good questions to ask.

There are as many arrow rest types as there are archery styles out there, and it pays to do a little research first. Even though there are a great any varieties, it makes sense to get the arrow rest that makes sense for what you want to do with your archery practice.

We’re Happy to Help

Whether you want an arrow rest for fun, target shooting, or hunting, we can definitely help you out. Our team has a passion for archery and has a wide range of knowledge on the subject. Just give us a call, or come into the store. We promise that we won’t bite!

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