Compound Bow Hunting

Posted by Louise P on 21st Nov 2016

Compound Bow Hunting

compound bow hunting

4 Reasons Why Compound Bow Hunting Is Better Than Rifle Hunting

When choosing which weapon to use for hunting, it ultimately comes down to two choices: a bow or a gun. Whether you use a bow versus a gun comes down to your personal preference (although 75% of hunters use both at various times). So what makes a hunter choose one method over the other? I’ll explain some of the advantages and the appeal of bow hunting to the uninitiated.

The Preparation

Firstly, it’s the sheer thrill and the love of a challenge. Maybe ‘glory’ is too strong a word, but it’s very appropriate. There’s a lot of preparation that goes into compound bow hunting. Tracking the animal, setting up and finally making that sweet shot that bags your prey feels unbelievably amazing when everything goes to plan. Compound bow hunting requires a much larger investment of your time, and a far more skilled and agile hunter. To get a clean kill shot, a bow hunter has to stalk and set up the shot much closer to the animal than with rifle hunting. Bow hunting requires a lot of the bow hunter.

Compound Bow Hunting Builds Different Skills

Bow hunting is superior to a rifle when the hunter wants some exercise while improving their motor skills. Disregarding that today’s compound bows are able to shoot over 350 metres, the bow is better suited to getting close to your target and is perfectly suited to distances of 20-30 metres. Your ability to stay calm and silent when you are that close to your target requires a whole different set of skills, which makes a successful kill a far greater achievement than if it a rifle was used (remember that word we used earlier, glory?).

A Bow Is Quieter Than A Gun

Compound bows are perfect for hunting because most expensive silencers are still loud when you compare it to the quiet twang of shooting off an arrow. Also, there is no flash from the barrel to scare your prey. When you are camouflaged with your surroundings and stalking your target, the quick and silent action of a compound bow doesn’t disrupt creatures the way that the echo from gunfire does.

Level The Field

A traditional method of hunting with a compound bow is preferable to a gun if you want to give your prey a fair chance to survive. Using a rifle give the hunter an advantage and greatly decreases the animals chance of survival. Shooting a boar at 150 meters with a scoped rifle as opposed to shooting a boar at 20 metres with a compound bow is a very different hunt. Using a compound bow requires far more skill of the hunters and is the fairest way to hunt.

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