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Exterminator Compound Bow 15-70lbs

Product Rating

 Product Description

Bows & Arrows | Archery Supplies | Exterminator Compound Bow



This Model Comes for Right Handed People Only (Pull String with Right Hand)



  • 15lbs-70lbs adjustable
  • Adjustable draw length 17-31"
  • 30" axle to axle, 75% let off, machined cams
  • 310 feet per second speed
  • Ultra light weight edition 
  • New 2021 model
  • Brace Height 7"
  • Mass Weight 3.6lbs


 Basic Includes:

  • Bow Only

Standard Includes:

  • 2 Pin Metal Aiming Device
  • Screw in Arrow Rest
  • Finger Tab
  • Basic Plastic Wrist Protector

Deluxe Includes:

  • Metal Black 5 Pin Optical Aiming Device with Spirit Level and LED Light
  • Full Brush Arrow Rest
  • Stabilizer
  • Wrist Strap
  • Peep Site uninstalled, requires specialist tools and skills to install)
  • D-Loop String (uninstalled used for release aid)
  • 2 x 2018 30" Alluminium Arrows

Get all your bows, arrows and archery equipment with us at Combat Australia!


To see more Compound Bows, visit the following link: Compound Bows

 Further Information

Here is some further information about compound bows and the Rex Carbon Black Compound bow.

To understand a compound bow, you need to know how it works. A compound bow is a modern type of bow that uses a levering system, usually of cables and pulleys (known as the cams), to bend the limbs. The compound bow has limbs which are stiffer than those of a recurve bow or longbow, which makes compound bows more energy-efficient. Each compound bow has a string applied to the cams, and one or both of these pulleys will have one or more cables attached to the opposite limb. When a string of the compound bow is drawn back, the pulleys will turn. At the commencement of the draw the archer will have a reduced mechanical advantage however, during the draw, as the pulley cams rotate, the archer gains mechanical advantage over the bending limbs and less force is needed to bend the limbs more in comparison to other bows.

In simple terms, a compound bow allows longer, more accurate and far less strenuous aiming.

A few of the advantages of Compound Bows like the Rex Carbon Black Compound Bow Deluxe are:
• The function of the cams maximises energy storage through the draw cycle to provide let-off at the end of the cycle allowing the archer to hold less weight for higher accuracy.
• The design of the cams directly controls the acceleration of the arrow. A ‘soft cam’ will accelerate the arrow more gently than a ‘harder cam’.
• A drawn compound bow pulls the limbs toward each other, by the buss cables which allows them to have limbs that are horizontal instead of angled. This minimizes the recoil and vibration felt by the archer when the arrow is released.
• Compound bows are not affected by changes in temperature and humidity. This means an archer or hunter with a compound bow has superior accuracy, velocity and distance no matter what the temperature circumstance.

This compound bow is ideal for any archer. It is an ultralight weight 2014 model and it comes with arrows, and LED light, nock point and a range of other accessories.

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